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London Symphony

Posted by keith1942 on November 4, 2014

Lon Sym



















This is effectively a type of film known as ‘21st Century Silent’. Using the form of early cinema for a contemporary subject can b problematic. However this film is a documentary and the makers specifically note the ‘city films’ of the 1920s as influences. In particular they refer to Dziga Vertov’s Man With a Movie Camera (Chelovek a Kinoapparatom, 1929): and also to films by Walter Ruttman and Joris Ivens. I can imagine that this is just the sort of subject and approach where the combination of images and music without any dialogue or commentary will be effective.

The documentary films of the 1920s tended to rely on state funding or on the support of wealthy individuals [like the Surrealists]/ This film will be contemporary in another way. It is relying on what is termed ‘crowd funding’ – a lot of individuals and groups contributing amounts to towards the budget. This, of course, is an aesthetic and cinematic investment rather than a financial one.  But there is also likely to be a high satisfaction quotient when the film is finally finished and available for screenings.

The film has already entered production but ongoing funding is required. There is a lot of information about the proposed film and the funding methods on the Website. This project focuses son the metropolis, but if successful we might [hopefully] see city films from other major British cities.

Visit http://londonsymphfilm.com/


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