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Il Giornate de Cinema Muto 2015

Posted by keith1942 on September 29, 2015

Cinema Muto

Oh to be watching films now that autumn is here. Apologies to the great poet, but having just got my breath back after the British Silent Film Festival that yearly week of cinematic bliss in Pordenone is upon us. With admirable promptness the organisers have posted the outline programme and the daily calendar on the web. Among the treats will be:

CHUJI TABINIKKI / A Diary of Chuji’s Travels] (JP 1927)

I have been fortunate enough to see this seminal samurai film at an earlier festival, but it is a treat I have been waiting to revisit.

Then we will have the pic of the week:

LES MISÉRABLES (FR 1925-26; 397’) di Henri Fescourt. 4 chapters: (1) Jean Valjean; (2) Fantine; (3). Marius; (4) L’Épopée de la rue Saint-Denis

I assume this is the longest version and for me it is the best. Though the 1930s version directed by Bernard has the best sequence on the barricades.

And what is likely to be an intriguing new study,

PICTURE (US 2015), dir: Paolo Cherchi Usai; mus.: The Alloy Orchestra

The Alloy are really in the forefront of silent musical accompaniment. Their Man with a  Movie Camera score has no comparison.

We will also have OTHER CITY SYMPHONIES – AMÉRICA LATINA: ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, MÉXICO – and RUSSIAN LAUGHTER , though last time most of the films were in fact Soviet. So Pordenone is not immune to contemporary vices in the film world.

Now all I have to do is check the weather. And this time I really must visit Pasolini’s grave, within reach: especially as the new film biopic opens whilst I am away.

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