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About contents and author

This Blog is a sort of appendix to Early and Silent Cinema (An Introduction for Teachers, Auteur Publishing 2007). It will offer material and discussion on areas not included in the original book, plus updates on interesting resources, video releases and upcoming events.

Articles and reviews are written in between teaching, so there is only a new post about once a month.

The author, Keith Withall [Keith 1942], is a regular attender at Giornate del Cinema Muto (the annual Festival of Silent Film in Pordenone) and at Il Cinema Ritrovato (the Archive Festival held annnually in Bologna).

Comments and news or views welcome

3 Responses to “About contents and author”

  1. cinesocialuk said

    Hi Keith – just came across your blog, wonderful to see a fellow silent fan blogging on WordPress. I write reviews of films including, when one crops up at the cinema, silent film. I’ll be looking around your site with interest. Best wishes, Jason

  2. David Annwn Jones said

    Dear Keith (if I may), I really enjoyed reading your blogs which are full of fascinating insights and new connections. You really have exceptional insights into these films and the cultures which produced them.
    Many thanks.
    Best Wishes
    David Annwn Re-envisaging the First Age of Cinematic Horror,

  3. Janet Hoffmann said

    The Silent Comedy Watch Party- free streaming on Facebook live on Sunday at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time, or YouTube for all episodes from March 22nd forward. I hope you can do an interview with Ben Model, film Historian and musical accompanist and Steve Massa, Film historian and author.
    You can watch The Silent Comedy Watch Party on YouTube. They are dedicated to providing free streaming and watching so more people can enjoy and learn. The streaming has evolved electronically over the m months.
    They always get permission from the owners of the shorts prior to screening and always thank them. Ben Model has been providing musical accompaniment to silent films since he was a NYY Film School student and ptt try voided score for DVDs and screenings including MoMa and The Library Of Congress in Culpepper, Virginia as well as other venues around the world. His music is all improvised so each performance is different. Steve Massa also a film historian and author. His last East book is Rediscovering Roscoe Arbuckle. Ben’s wife, Mona Allen, does the camera work and lighting, while Steve’s wife, Susan, watches from her device, to watch for any glitches. She will text Mona, who can make the necessary changes.

    They provide this all free so everyone can enjoy and learn about silent comedy and learn about the actors and actresses as well as the directors, writers production companies and the releasing companies.

    I hope you can contact them for an interview for your readers. The programs are good family fun too!

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